Spa and Wednesday Concerts

Enjoy one of the popular Spa or Wednesday concerts in the atrium courtyard in Bad Schallerbach. The best part: cultural pleasure at no cost!

A spa orchestra for entertaining guests was set up in Bad Schallerbach in 1926. Well-known musicians started their careers as spa orchestra musicians or guest musicians in Bad Schallerbach. Nowadays, the spa band in Bad Schallerbach is one of only three in the whole of Upper Austria.

Since 1996 the spa concerts have been held in the period from mothers' day to the last Sunday in September – all free of charge. The spa orchestra is composed of five violins, cello, contrabass, piano, flute, two clarinets, trumpet, trombone and drums.

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Wednesday concerts

In addition to the popular spa concerts on Sundays, the so-called "Wednesday concerts" have been taking place in Bad Schallerbach for more than 20 years. The audience enjoys the wide range of music for wind instruments during these concerts – and the range is wider than many imagined. From marches to waltzes, polka and film and musical adaptations, there is everything to warm a musical heart.

The Wednesday concerts are held from the end of April to the end of October – also with no entrance charge. They are mainly used by the surrounding bands and musical societies who can use the opportunity to present themselves to a wide audience.