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Nature park Obst-Hügel-Land (fruits & hills land)

Experience the unique fruit tree landscpae directly situated nearby Vitalwelt Bad Schallerbach!

Discover the area of nature park Obst-Hügel-Land in the villages Scharten and St. Marienkirchen in a diverse way: starting with the fruit trees' blossom in spring to the harvesting of all the fruits in atumn, from the exclusive nature spectacle to practical fruit tree pruining course.


The region is popular especially for hikers and bikers. There are 11 signed hiking trails to discover, among them the cherry bloom way in Scharten (Scharten is very famous for its cherries!). The way for bikers leads right through the nature park on 37 km in total. TIP:  Make your breaks to something very special and taste a glass of most and a typical local snack.
Get the nature park map easily at the tourist information office in Bad Schallerbach or at the nature park office in St. Marienkirchen.

Recommended: make a side trip to the most museum and the fruits training course in St. Marienkirchen. And of course, don't miss to visit one of the many fruits and most farmers. Their offers lead from fresh fruits (cherries, apricots, apples and pears) to most and special alcoholic fruit drinks such as liqueurs. Open from April to October on Saturdays from 2.00 to 5.00 pm as well as for advanced bookers at any time.


Get to know the nature park Obst-Hügel-Land

Join a guided natur park hike with a special nature and landscape guide and get to know the hidden specifis of this very special area. To be booked at the nature park office.

The following photo gallery can be navigated with the arrow keys (left, right).


Events at Naturpark Obst-Hügel-Land are taking place from March to November each year. Besides hiking tours and guided tours through the nature, herbs workshops or courses in correct tree cutting as well as the popular most tasteries, special nature adventures for kids such as the bat nights are being offered.

Highlights in 2020:

    • Kirschblütenwanderung (cherry blossom hiking): 19. April 2020, Scharten
    • Samareiner Mostkost (try St. Marienkirchen's ciders): 17. bis 19. April 2020, St. Marienkirchen/Polsenz
    • Schartner Mostkost (try Scharten's ciders): 1. bis 3. Mai 2020, Scharten
    • Schartner Kirschenfest (cherry party Scharten): 21. Juni 2020, Scharten
    • Weberbartl-Apfel-Wanderung (apple-hiking): 27. September 2020, St. Marienkirchen/Polsenz

      Get your information to that and all further events right here:


      Naturpark Obst-Hügel-Land

      Kirchenplatz 1, 4076 St. Marienkirchen/Polsenz

      phone: +43 7249 4711225, web: