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What can I experience in Wallern an der Trattnach?

In Wallern, movements in nature go hand in hand with the charm of a countrified cultural landscape.

"Reformation – on the way"

The two kilometre long route was designed by the Protestant church and explains the eventful history of the Protestants in Wallern. The ten stations are presented from the viewpoint of children at the time. The entire length of the route is suitable for wheelchairs.

The following photo gallery can be navigated with the arrow keys (left, right).

Trattnach nature trail

The trail leads you over 2.5 kilometres from Wallern along the Trattnach into the nearby Bad Schallerbach. 22 display boards give an insight into the diversity of the beautiful area around the Trattnach and provide information about ecological connections between the regional flora and fauna. Benches and tables invite you to take a break and enjoy a picnic.

Wallern local museum

Anybody interested in Wallern itself should visit the local museum, which not only provides an insight into the folk culture of Wallern, but also into the history of the town and the local surroundings.