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Zeileis health care centre

The high frequency therapy and the Zeileis method for which it is famous have made the Zeileis health care centre, located in the Gallspach climatic resort, a unique treatment facility.

Zeileis institute

Tradition sets apart this family-run company that is now in its fourth generation. It was almost 100 hundred years ago that Valentin Zeileis, the founder of the “high frequency therapy”, made the spectacular discovery that electricity can cure or alleviate illness. The institute is now a modern health care centre with a worldwide reputation.

The Zeileis health care centre provides an outpatient clinic for physical therapies and rehabilitation. An experienced team of doctors and experts from a range of specialist areas provide individual treatment and care around the clock.

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Zeileis method

The Zeileis health care centre is best known for the globally recognised “Zeileis method” with its unique and successful approach to treatment.

The method aims to maintain or restore health, prevent illnesses and promote healing processes. Therapy with high frequency electricity forms the basis of the method which supplies the body with the energy that it needs to activate its self-healing powers.