Healthy pleasure for the palate

Naturally. Food & Drinks

The Vitalwelt Bad Schallerbach vacation region invites you to enjoy life to the fullest: In the gastronomic establishments of the region you can indulge in culinary delights.

From cozy coffee houses to home-style inns, restaurants and trendy eateries to two-star restaurants, the region offers culinary delights to suit every taste. The range of cider taverns and snack stations is also very special: highly recommended here are the delicious cider, the sumptuous Brettljausn and, as a dessert, the tasty Bauernkrapfen.

Grieskirchner Beer

In the Grieskirchen brewery, you will experience exciting insights into everyday brewing and production during the brewery tour.

The subsequent tasting includes various beer specialties.

In addition to its Pils, Grieskirchner is also known for its exciting craft beers.

Brewery tours incl. beer tasting in the Pilsnerei every Thursday at 5:00 pm. (tour only in german)

Cider: The typical Upper Austrian

Cider stands for the Vitalwelt, as hardly any other product. It is refreshing. Its tart and at the same time fruity taste is its unmistakable trademark.

The typical Upper Austrian