Naturally. Wellness and health in the Vitalwelt.

The holiday region Vitalwelt Bad Schallerbach is a region of longing that invites you to do something good for yourself and enjoy your holiday: Wellness and relaxation in the Eurotherme Bad Schallerbach or do something for your health in the various health centres.

Naturally. Feel good and relax.

EurothermenResort Bad Schallerbach

Naturally. Pure variety.

The place where you can really relax and recharge your batteries is the EurothermenResort Bad Schallerbach. Dive into tropical waters, relax in a paradisiacal ambience and do something for your well-being! Those who feel good stay fit and vital for longer.


Naturally. Holiday feeling.

As a hotel guest at the four-star superior Hotel Paradiso, you have exclusive access to a 3,600 m² wellness area. But you also have access to the public spa area. Palm trees, a large seawater aquarium, pool bars and numerous other attractions spread a tropical holiday feeling in the adjacent Tropicana spa. Sauna fans feel at home in the sauna mountain village Auszeit. More than 40 sauna and relaxation experiences attract visitors on three levels and over 4,000 m² of space. Children of all ages will find fun and action in the unique pirate world Aquapulco.


Natural. Healthy. Health Holiday.

Physikarium - the therapy centre

In the health competence centre of the EurothermenResort, more than 40 highly qualified therapists take comprehensive care of your health in the Physikarium.

One focus of the therapy is on the musculoskeletal system. The healing power of Schallerbach's thermal sulphur water is used in a variety of ways for prevention and healing. Physiotherapy and medical training therapy offer not only those with a hunger for movement a variety of ways to increase their well-being. Massages, electrotherapy as well as mud packs and wraps round off the range of services offered by the renowned therapy centre.

Particularly appreciated in Upper Austria are the outpatient therapies and cures with which you can actively counter back pain.

Exotic massages from all over the world provide maximum relaxation in the spa area. Beauty treatments with high-quality cosmetics are of course also offered and round off the extensive range of services.

Therapy & Wellness

  • Physiotherapy and training therapy
  • Sulphur treatments
  • Massages
  • Electro- and thermotherapy
  • Wellness and beauty treatments

Zeileis Health Centre

The ZEILEIS Health Centre has been offering a comprehensive range of medical and therapeutic services - the ZEILEIS method - in its surgery and diagnosis and therapy centre in Gallspach for almost 100 years.

The unique therapies provide excellent results, for example, in the treatment of tinnitus. Due to the complexity of the problem, there is no general treatment scheme.

The basis of the therapy is the ZEILEIS method with high frequency, which is individually combined with other applications. High-frequency therapy activates the self-healing powers, increases the blood circulation and oxygen uptake of the cells, and positively influences the autonomic nervous system and the internal organs.

The ZEILEIS method supports the body in prevention, healing and rehabilitation.

Areas of application of the ZEILEIS method:
- Tinnitus
- Impairments of the musculoskeletal system
- Disorders of the nervous system
- Cardiovascular diseases
- Disorders of the sense organs
- Metabolic problems
- Skin diseases
- Pain of any cause and severity

soma med health centre

The worldwide unique pilot project soma gracefully combines the best of the traditional Indian healing art Ayurveda, the classical European thermal spa treatment and the achievements of modern medicine.

Guests are offered spa treatments under medical supervision. The diagnostic and therapeutic methods at soma aim to improve the body's self-healing powers, enable deep regeneration and thus improve your vitality. Among other things, soma houses meditation and seminar rooms and an Ayurveda shop.

The heart of the house is the elective medical practice for general medicine and Ayurveda, which is led by the highly experienced Ayurveda expert Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger. The medical offer is strengthened by a traditional Indian Ayurveda doctor (Vaidya), a specialist for orthopaedics and traumatology as well as a physiotherapist.

Health facilities in Bad Schallerbach

Bad Schallerbach enjoys an excellent reputation as a popular spa and rehabilitation resort with its diverse health tourism offers. A total of five health facilities are available to guests.