ZEILEIS health care center

100 years of energy for your wellbeing

The ZEILEIS health care center is located in the climatic spa Gallspach in the middle of Upper Austrian's Hausruck quarter and is well-known for it's worldwide unique methode, whose basis is radio frequenty current. Ordination, diagnosis and therapies are bundled and being offered in a wide range of treatments.

Shortly explained how this method works: Energy is given to the patient's body for activating self-regulating forces that increases blood flow, oxygen absorption in the cells or influences the vegative neural system or inner organs. Depending on the diagnosis, the radio frequency current is being combined with further therapies.

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Fields of application of the ZEILEIS method:

  • impairment of the locomotor system
  • dysfunction of the neural system
  • cardio-vascular diseases
  • dysfunction of the sensory organs
  • metabolic disorder
  • skin diseases
  • pain

Institut Zeileis GmbH & Co KG
Dr. Valentin Zeileis-Straße 33
4713 Gallspach
Tel.: +43 7248 623510

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10 days Tinnitus-therapy


Time period: 01.03.2023 - 30.09.2024
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