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Wallern an der Trattnach, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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The Wallern Active Park has been created around the Trattnachtal Trail, where both young and old can train their coordination and motor skills at 14 stations.

Staying active is important for everyone who cares about their health, whether they are students, fitness enthusiasts, or professional athletes.
The 14 stations of the motor skills park are designed for people of all ages and abilities. The only difference between amateurs and professionals lies in the number of repetitions, speed and skill. The comprehensive training program focuses on these aspects. Alongside enjoyment and fun, the stations offer effective specialized training.


  1. Step by Step
  2. Proprio-Cloud
  3. Balance Course
  4. Rhythm Track
  5. Stretching Square
  6. Double Precision
  7. Brain Jogging
  8. Target Fishing
  9. Strength/Calisthenics
  10. Waterski House
  11. Climbing Course
  12. Balance Spots
  13. Standing Rope Swing
  14. Agility Tunnel

The development of the Motorik-Fun concept involved the principles of training and movement science. The foundation of this holistic and contemporary movement concept, including each station, is based on sports science. The equipment and functions are tailored to different predefined target groups and integrated into the surrounding nature. Through this interaction, users of this "training ground" are motivated to engage in movement in general and to improve their motor skills in particular in a playful way. The curiosity aroused by the sight of these innovative and creatively designed stations drives the desire to try something new, even for those who are not typically inclined to be active. Moreover, individuals who are already physically active can experience new and additional training stimuli beyond their usual exercise routines due to the available diversity of movement options.

To provide different and individually suitable tasks for all users, the additional information boards mounted at each station explain the respective tasks and offer variations in difficulty (easier and more challenging versions). These boards also describe the training effects and highlight specific safety aspects.

With its 14 stations and over 50 individual devices, the individually designed project in Wallern offers a comprehensive range of movement activities, covering all areas of motor skills (coordination, strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility) in an entertaining and diverse way. The entire area is divided into multiple sections, each with a specific focus on improving motor skills and tailored to different target groups' performance levels.

The sections are as follows:

1. Low-threshold access for everyone in the eastern part of the Wallern Active Park:
The target groups are families, schools, clubs, youth, and seniors. This area serves as a perfect entry point for the whole family (3 generations), including individuals with disabilities.

  • Double Precision
  • Stretching Square
  • Brain Jogging
  • Target Fishing
  • Step by Step
  • Proprio-Cloud

2. Sports Center:
The target group consists of people who enjoy engaging in playful sports challenges, either individually or as a group. Besides motor skill development, plenty of fun is guaranteed.

  • Balance Course
  • Rhythm Track
  • Strength/Calisthenics
  • Waterski House
  • Climbing Course

3. Playful entry point in the northwest of the Wallern Active Park:
These stations serve as a conclusion after completing previous movement tasks or as an entry point from this side. They are particularly suitable for children, youth and families, as the built-in fun can be experienced as a group.

  • Balance Spots
  • Standing Rope Swing
  • Agility Tunnel

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wALLern ACTIVE park
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4702 Wallern an der Trattnach

Phone +43 7249 48126

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