Castles and museums at Vitalwelt

Castle Parz with Renaissance garden, Grieskirchen

Known due the local exhibition called "Renaissance and reformation" in 2010, the castle Parz, that has been built in 15th century, is one of the most considerable Renaissance constructions of Upper Austria. Tip: Visit also the Renaissance garden that has been re-built for the exhibition, and the frescoes on the castle's southern wall that are part of the biggest connected frescoes in the northern Alps.


Castle Starhemberg with local museum, Haag am Hausruck

Mentioned in 1776 first, the castle offers a great Renaissance yard and is home of the Heimatmuseum (Local museum).

See exponats of the former coal mining, the hard life of the people working there including tools and the crafts. What's interesting as well: Information about the Peasant's Wars and Napoleon.


Local museum, Wallern

Visit the Heimatmuseum (Local museum), if you are intested in the history of Wallern and its surroundings. Opened in 1997 and since then more and more extended, it's focus lies on the collection of the Peasant's cultural assets.


Die nachfolgende Bildergalerie ist mittels Pfeiltasten (links, rechts) bedienbar.

Cider museum at the Nature park, St. Marienkirchen

St. Marienkirchen an der Polsenz is well-known for the high quality of a typical Upper Austrian beverage: cider.
Due to the fact that this is such importang, the village offers also a museum that focusses only on cider. The landscape with its soft hills is great for walks and hikings as well.

Evolution museum Schmiding, Krenglbach

Visit the great performance of the mankind's evolution in this museum that also offers views in the nearer future such as artificial intelligence and robotics. Located directly next to Aquazoo Schmiding. Get combined tickets!


Welios - the museum to participate

Welios is Austia's first museum that is a science center. Get an idea about how technique and science are working together. Great for families and groups of every age.