Sports and leisure time centers at Vitalwelt

The seven Vitalwelt villages are well-known for their many associations and clubs in cultural and traditional view.

For those who love to move, Vitalwelt offers lots more than soccer or gynmastics.

What about Kickboxing? - Go for it in  Bad Schallerbach! Also something only for sports lovers is obstacle course racing. Give it a try at Finisher in Wallern!

A challenge not only in a physical but also mental way is climging. Try it at Naturfreunde-Kletterhalle in Grieskirchen.

Besides soccer, tennis is number one. Use the  hall in Grieskirchen. The other Vitalwelt villages have outdoor courts. 

Cool in the summer? - Gallpach's beach volley space is great! But for the rest of the year, do the cool sports at the hall in Grieskirchen.

Horeseriding for "walking" as well as for pedagogical or team building reasons, different ways of western, dressage or show jumping are being offered by Reiten im Landl or  Union Reit- und Fahrgemeinschaft. Your hourse as a coach is being offered in Grieskirchen. Last, but not least, Reiterhof Pichler in Geboltskirchen is a great place for holiday with horses.

If you prefer English lawn, visit Golf Club Maria Theresia in Haag am Hausruck.

Last, but not least: Go for a walk! It doesn't matter if you walk in Bad Schallerbach's Botanica Park or somewhere along the 300 km bicycle ways that are also made for walking. Both are perfect options for being outside also in the colder season!