The Vitalwelt's cuisine

Vitalwelt is a region to enjoy. Regarding health, recharging and wellness as well as cuisine.

Lifestyle is one thing. Living with sense or even sustainable is something different in most of the cases. We have long relied on tradition and values, a more conscious and careful approach to nature and what it has to offer. As a supplement and antithesis to the otherwise so filled daily schedule. In everyday life - and on vacation anyway. Anyone who has time will discover and enjoy the culinary specialties of a region in a convivial atmosphere. In the vital world, fermented drinks are very important.

Enjoyment of cider 3.0

Never out of fashion, but perhaps also due to a revival in recent years and the fact that more and more consumers are demanding sustainability, regionality and seasonality, cider is experiencing a real boom again. There is even a museum dedicated to the "national drink" in St. Marienkirchen! Countless cider taverns at Vitalwelt serve the cult drink made from fermented apple and pear juice. It's best to try it with a snack. Idea: try to sour risotto with cider instead of wine!

You are looking for some details to this cult drink, its tradition and the so called cider land "Mostlandl"?

Something's brewing

It's not only the Danube that flows through Upper Austria. Also a lot of liquid gold flows through the country, since Upper Austria has more breweries than any other federal state. Grieskirchner sets the tone at Vitalwelt, as the brewery mentioned for the first time in 1708 is the only one in the holiday region and is privately run. In addition to the main Pils variety, the team around owner Mr Marcus Mautner Markhof also offers exciting craft beers. What makes beer special? A raw material that is essential for the entire Vitalwelt Bad Schallerbach holiday region: water. In this specific case, only crystal clear spring water from a depth of 120 meters from the brewery’s own well in a protected area guarantees the purity of the taste. On the way down, the water absorbs valuable minerals that give the Grieskirchner beer a unique base. The beer gets its sweet, spicy taste from malt from the best malting barley. For wheat malt in wheat beer, the master brewer trusts a secret tip: the excellent grain quality of the Grieskirchner region. The third essential component of the full-bodied drink is hops. This comes primarily from the "hop kings" of the Muehlviertel, the area in the Upper Austrian north of the Danube where it has been grown since the 13th century. In the oldest building in the district capital of Grieskirchen, which has always been part of brewing activities, the "Pilsnerei" is located, where the hoppy products are tasted after guided tours through the brewery. The visitor and tasting center with beer from seven taps is also run as an event location at Vitalwelt.


Vitalwelt cuisines' highlights

What makes the holiday region Vitalwelt Bad Schallerbach culinary so special? - The offers of sumptuous snacks from the farms, including the good "potatoe cheese", which are particularly tasty after a hike, bike ride or horseback ride. Home-style cuisine and traditional inns are a guarantee of enjoyment for every occasion. For those who focus on health and sustainability, there are organic menus to enjoy in a pleasant atmosphere. The highlight: a toque restaurant that is well-known and popular far beyond the borders of the city and the district - and its garden is enchanting: the  Waldschänke. The Grieskirchner family business has been standing for the highest level of food and drink for decades. The proof: two hoods. Clemens, the son, has been on board for quite some time. His influence can be tasted at the food as well as seen in the entire restaurant. In March 2019, he was at "Heimspiel", a culinary charity event, as one of four top Austrian chefs from Upper Austria's four quarters for the Hausruck at the stove.