Enjoy Vitalwelt's outdoor attractions

Walk through parks, go jogging or walking - or just take a breath from everyday life.


Enjoy this park directly next to EurothermenResort Bad Schallerbach with its different kind of gardens, attraction and water presentations - for relaxing as well as for doing sports.
Tip for the summer: The kid's farm is great for kids. Parents can relax and have a coffee in a small café.

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Nature Park, Gallspach

Meet culture and nature in the center of the village. The park is great to relax - and in winter for ice skating and ice stock sports. Go and see the bee house and get to know everything about these great animals easily.


Kurpark Gallspach

The classical spa park is located directly next to Zeileis institute. Enjoy concerts at the pavillon in summer and go for walks. All paths are barrier-free.


Weg der Sinne - Haag am Hausruck

Enjoy and experience nature at the 3.5 km long path called Weg der Sinne" (path of the senses).


Trattnach-Ursprung-Naturerlebnisweg - Geboltskirchen

Have a walk along the first 1.2 km of Trattnach, the river that is important for Vitalwelt. Including information about Trattnach itself, nature as well as birds.


Badesee Leithen (lake) - Geboltskirchen

The lake is about 30,000 square meters and offers spare time activities all year long: swimming, relaxing - and also fishing.