Come along on a virtual journey through the vital world

Cook our favourite recipes, watch the pelicans being fed, take a night watchman's tour, talk about yourself in Upper Austrian dialect or take part in a tractor safari.

Travel virtually to the Vitalwelt and experience this incomparable holiday region from your couch. You can find these and many more experiences as well as tips for at home here.



Bad Schallerbach




Haag am Hausruck


Our favourite dishes

Upper Austrian for beginners

We Upper Austrians have our peculiarities - also in our language. And for some it may sound like a foreign language when we Upper Austrians talk to each other.

But don't worry, with the Upper Austrian dictionary you are well prepared for your holiday.

Browse through the following crash course "Upper Austrian for beginners", where we have clearly collected the most important Upper Austrian terms.

With this vocabulary you are guaranteed to get by linguistically in the Vitalwelt.

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