Aquapulco - the pirate world

Bad Schallerbach, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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Ahoy water lovers! Welcome to Aquapulco – the action-packed adventure water park in Bad Schallerbach. Come and join us – Captain Splash and Chango are already waiting for you in their jolly pirate world which now has many new attractions.

Captain Splash With a total height of 13 metres, the outdoor area at Aquapulco is home to Austria’s largest water playground. The new open-air site is perfect for water lovers. More than 200 interactive water games, four slides and – as an absolute highlight – the giant pirate head containing 3,000 litres of water with the great “splash experience”. Every minute all of the content is emptied over the site. Pirate bay with Funny Splash Every half an hour a sea storm arrives in the pirate bay – a great swaying experience for all water lovers. Climb to safety onto the pirate grotto or swimming islands. In the beach area you’ll find the six metre high “Funny Splash” with slides and the large water butt – mega wet fun for the family. Pirate shows There’s always something going on in the pirate bay! Chief pirate “Captain Splash” stages exciting music, water, light and fire shows for all young and old water lovers. He also announces the thundering wave storm every half and full hour. Five slides Enjoy the best sliding fun at the Aquapulco pirate world. Five long and exciting slides are waiting for you: * Kamikaze - a terrifying trip for the most fearless pirates, not for ordinary seamen or scaredy cats. Travel down like a shot with inclines up to 50 percent. * Snaky - sliding fun for the family on the longest snake in the world. * Twister - at 109 metres, this is the longest slide in Aquapulco. True pirates slide on their tyres down the flowing river like a whirlwind. * Starlight - multimedia exhilaration for the senses in darkness and where times are recorded. Mega fun is guaranteed as you try to beat the best time. Who will be the fastest pirate or the quickest pirate bride? * Canyon - around 20,000 litres of water per minute flush the most courageous through rapids and caves. The ultimate splash experience for all those who can’t get enough of the wild water. Chango’s adventure path Swinging vines and climbing ropes lead up into Chango’s living room. His adventure path is a 100 metre long circuit high above the pirate bay. All those with a head for heights get from one look-out platform to the next via swing and rope bridges and by crawling through tunnels. Aquamundus and Baller Baller deck Indoor water attraction with interactive water toys, water cannons, pumps, water wheels and squirting attractions. All young pirates can splash around to their heart’s content. Baby bay Aquapulco is now also a paradise for babies. In the separate baby bay, our youngest guests will find an island surrounded by palm trees and with crawling and climbing attractions. Small streams, first slides and water toys are waiting to be discovered. Separate mother & child areas with breast-feeding berths, changing tables and a baby galley ensure that Mummy and Daddy have everything they need and can give their youngest pirates their full attention in the water. AquapleX – the 5D cinema The absolute world first in Aquapulco! In your swimwear you enter the 40-seater cinema wearing your 3D glasses. During the film, moving seats and exciting special effects transform the AquapleX into a 5D cinema. Here you’re right in the heart of the adventure! All cinema tickets cost €3.00 and the price will be added to the digital watch when you go through the turnstile into the cinema.

Open daily from 9.00 to 22.00; Saturdays from 9.00 to 24.00!

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  • Parking area for disabled: 13
  • Bus parking space: 2
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Aquapulco - the pirate world
Promenade 1
4701 Bad Schallerbach

Phone +43 7249 440611
Fax machine +43 7249 440 - 590…

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Aquapulco - die Piratenwelt
Promenade 1
4701 Bad Schallerbach

Phone +43 7249 440611
Fax machine +43 7249 440 - 590

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Aquapulco - die Piratenwelt
Promenade 1
AT-4701 Bad Schallerbach

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