Rottenbach, Oberösterreich, Österreich
The sustainable home
Startig in the 1990ies, Rottenbach, located in the district of Grieskirchen, has developed to a popular residential community. Originally agrarian-oriented, the economic conditions have more and more improved since the 1950ies. Heavy construction activities lead to a futher boom since the 1990ies.
The village is attractive for residential reasons, offers a high quality of life - based on the varying acitivies of the local associations and groups of interests. Rottenbach offers both, the location in the middle of the nature and the good traffic connection to the highway.
Rottenbach's 22 localities extend on 14 square kilometers and are the home of approx. 1,100 persons. There are as many business operators as localities; there is a varying spectre of industries such as craft business and in newer times more and more companies driven by sustainability or "new" types of enterprises. Additionally, the village that is located between Haag am Hausruck (conntection to the highway) and Hofkirchen an der Trattnach scores with a seminar house including spa area too.

The castle, mentioned in a document in 1301 first, has been rebuilt to Schloss Innernsee (castle) with two floors after the Peasant's War in 1626 and offers an open-plan arcade in the entire upper floor. Today, the pond on the castle's west side is the last sign of the originally built moan around the water castle. An old feudal estate (Meierhof) with 18 sqare kilometers of farmland also belongs to the castle.
Starting in 1990, the castle has been copletey refurbished and is being inhabited by its owners since then. That's the reason why the castle cannot be visited by public any more.
Contrary to that, a sign that still can be visited is the catholic church, sancitfied to Holy Peter. Typically for all sacred buildings at least in Upper Austria, it offers different architectural styles such as late Gothic as the origin, single-span and double-span net vaults or late Gothic frescos that have been discovered again in 1956.  The high altar is in late rococo, but the state of Holy Mary is built in Early Baroque. As the cancel is, while the side altars are in new Gothic stlye.
The Holy Mess is being held on Sundays at 8:30 am.
Rottenbach has a varying associations life. Besides the volunteer fire brigade, the music association or folklore groups, there is also an archery association or an oldtimer club.

  • 1.100Inhabitants

  • 14 km²Area

  • 420 - 490 m ASLElevation

  • 48.20, 13.68GPS coordinates

Coming on highway A8 from Passau: exit Haag am Hausruck, approx. 3 km
Coming on highway A8: exit Haag am Hausruck, approx. 3 km
Coming from Grieskirchen via road B141
railway station Haag am Hausruck, aprox. 5.5 km
Air flight:
airport Linz, 52 km
airport Salzburg, 90 km

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