Bad Schallerbach's history as a spa town

Bad Schallerbach is known far beyond the borders for health, spa and family vacations. The origins go back over 100 years.

The almost 36 ° C warm water has been bubbling in Bad Schallerbach for a little more than 100 years. Today's EurothermenResort does not have much in common with the original bathing business, of course! Even before the end of the First World War, the Habsburg monarchy lost territories, e.g. Galicia with its oil fields. Due to similar soil conditions as in Poland and Urkraine, scientists tried their luck in Schallerbach to search for oil fields within the boarders of today's Austria. In November 2018, the time had come: It bubbled out of the ground. Not the hoped-for oil, however, but water. Warm water. And this unceasingly.

Die nachfolgende Bildergalerie ist mittels Pfeiltasten (links, rechts) bedienbar.

The oil drilling team left disappointed, but bathing in the pools and in the drainage ditch was becoming increasingly popular. Initially, seekers of healing bathed in masses without supervision and without medical care - healthy and sick - side by side.


Sustainable construction boom

The first bath house finally opened in July 1922: The large pool offered space for 54 bathers, six single baths and two rooms with 35 beds. The spa treatment - the patients were in the water up to their necks - was limited to 30 minutes. Afterwards a bed rest of two hours had to be observed. The opening of the bath house was the birth hour of the expanded town name "Bad Schallerbach". The construction of the town hall as well as many hotels, health resorts, villas and pensions, which still characterize the townscape, fall in the period of booming construction activity. After the Great Depression in 1929, construction activity resumed in the 1930s.


Swinging 50ies

Movement was the order of the day. While rock'n'roll was indulged on some "dance floors", the first facilities for movement therapy in thermal waters were created in Bad Schallerbach. Since the expansion of the Kurmittelhaus in 1980 to a rest and relaxation zone, there has been constant adjustment, adaptation and renewal. In 2005 the EurothermenResort was opened with the 4 * Superior Hotel Paradiso, which was followed in 2011 by the conversion of the thermal baths to the South Seas thermal bath "Tropciana" the "Aquapulco" water park, which was built in 1995, was converted into a pirate world at the same time as the thermal baths, and the former "Relaxium" sauna world was extended to the exclusive sauna mountain village "AusZeit" in 2016. The award-winning thermal spa is considered the most popular in the country.


Finally, 2018 was an anniversary: ​​numerous events and activities took place on the occasion of "100 Years of Quelle".