Winter in the Vitalwelt

Cool air, snow-covered orchards, gentle rays of sunshine...

When it gets quiet around the 7 villages and the top of the Luisenhöhe glistens in gentle white, then winter moves into Vitalwelt. While many enjoy the peace and quiet to relax in the spa, others spend time in the fresh air.


The orchards in winter

In winter, too, there is a lot of work to be done in the orchards. The motto is: "Get to the branches! During the winter months, the farmers trim the branches of the apple and pear trees. Pruning is a very important task for the cider growers and an essential prerequisite for the successful cultivation of an orchard. This is also the start of the new cider year, so to speak!
In addition, fruit schnapps is traditionally distilled in winter.


Geboltskirchen Nativity Scene Trail

The Nativity Scene Trail in Geboltskirchen is waiting to be walked until the beginning of February. The 1.6 kilometre long tour starts at the Ölerhaus. The walk is particularly beautiful in the evening, as the 17 nativity scenes are illuminated from 5 to 9 pm. The floating cot at the Mayrhuberteich is of course also illuminated. The nativity scenes on display come from the workshops of the Upper Austrian Nativity School.

Winter hike

Nature is at rest, but our landscape presents itself as incomparably beautiful. The Vitalwelt is also a true highlight in the winter months. Get some fresh air, enjoy the gentle rays of the sun and the breathtaking view. Simply wonderful, isn't it? What's more, the Vitalwelt is also a perfect photo motif in winter. See for yourself and start your winter hike in the 7 villages of the holiday region.

Winter warmth in the spa - 365 days of bathing weather

If you want to warm up and relax after a long winter walk, a visit to the Advent market or an ice-skating tour, the Eurotherme Bad Schallerbach is sure to be the right place for you, warm and cosy with 35°C water temperature. A place where action, fun, tranquillity, relaxation and holiday flair meet. And combines everything under one roof. Which opens in good weather. Whether in the Tropicana convertible spa, the AusZeit sauna mountain village or the Aquapulco pirate world - the Bad Schallerbach spa offers more than just a little variety. It is a new level of holiday.


Art & Culture

The winter months are the best time to take a look around the museums of the Vitalwelt. Whether modern, contemporary exhibitions or cultural-historical documentations, personals of exciting personalities, - there is certainly one or the other interesting exhibition house to discover for young and old. Or have you already been to the Evolution Museum?

Indoor Golf

The golf simulator is a good alternative when the weather is bad, for practising your stroke accuracy or for getting to know a new sport. In use is a brand new QED Uneekor golf simulator. The outstanding feature of this simulator is that the ball spin is not calculated but measured with 3000 fps cameras, thus achieving a degree of realism of 99.5%. Our indoor golf simulator, with state-of-the-art software, is regularly updated with new courses via internet connection! In addition, you can also perform swing, club head and ball flight analysis, which work very well for long and short game.