"Wia de Hollastaudn bliaht, so der Summer wird" (As the Hollastaudn bliaht, so the Summer will be)

HOLLASTAUDN, which has the word holy in its root, is one of the very few plants that is revered in different ways by all religions of the world. In customs, it is also associated with Frau Holle and the mystical entourage around Frau Percht.

Even in ancient times, our ancestors treated this bush with respect and began to observe its biological resurrection in late spring. How the foliage unfolded and how the tiny flowering elements formed and unfolded into the later flowers, until the perennials finally shaped the landscape with their brilliant white flowers and delighted people with their fragrance and got them in the mood for summer.

The timing of the perennials' development is very important - the longer they take and the more carefully the flowers unfold, the more reliably one can count on a harmonious summer at its time in July/August.

The Hollastaudn is a genius because it has always been said: "Where a Hollastaudn stands (in a house environment), misfortune. Verdruß und Unwetter vorübergeht" - this is also a good message for the summer of 2021, which will be blossomed, so to speak, by a Hollastaudnpracht throughout the country.

Weather Walks

Every first Monday of the month, Wetterhans offers a weather walk through the Botanica Park Bad Schallerbach. Here you can learn all about "flowering weather messengers", animals as weather sensors, barometer trees, ways to weather elasticity, climate change, weather forecasting 150 years ago, folk heritage farming rules, weather selfies and much more.