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We are weather...holistic weather observation

Today, anyone who wants to know what the weather will be like looks at their smartphone. Anyone who wants to know more looks out of the window and observes nature. The polymath Aristotle (born 384 BC) as the forefather of meteorology and Hildegard von Bingen (born 1098 AD) as the bio-mother of holistic weather forecasting have left behind a comprehensive knowledge of plants and animals as weather messengers that needs to be preserved. When they settled down, our ancestors began to put their experiences with climate and weather into often entertaining rhymes, thus ensuring that they were passed on from generation to generation as farming rules.

Wer s´Weda ned mag, hat nia an guatn Tag.
(Those who don't like the weather never have a good day.)

Every first Monday of the month, Vitalwelt turns the weather "from a problem into a programme" and has engaged the holistic weather observer Hans Gessl for this purpose. The weather journalist/columnist - known as Wetterhans - opens up exciting weather pages in the Botanica Park Bad Schallerbach, such as "Flowering weather messengers", animals as weather sensors, barometer trees, ways to weather elasticity, climate change stories, weather forecasts 150 years ago, folk cultural heritage farming rules, weather selfies, etc.

He knows how to present the topics in an informative and entertaining way with a twinkle in his eye, but always with a critical eye on the facts - weathertainment in Upper Austrian. These walks are offered exclusively in German. 

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