Franz Stelzhamer as a timeless weather messenger

Dialect poet Franz Stelzhamer would celebrate his 220th birthday this year and Wetterhans Gessl, who is visually similar and presents his works in many contexts, also repeatedly presents the poet as the originator of WETTERELASTIZITÄT. Stelzhamer loved to spend his life outdoors in nature and liked to express this:

S`Weda und d'Leit
Haum oft mitanaund Streit
Aft denkt sö da Herrgott: "Iatzt ist's awa gnua"
Schickt sein' Lächln mit da Sunn
Daun is wieda a Ruah


Stelzhamer's secret "hit" - A LUSTIGE EICHT - was written 160 years ago and in agreement with the poet, Wetterhans has composed a new verse for Vitalwelt:

A funny story
Has the Lord God blessed Himself
Blessed and blessed himself
Jerk in Huat waun's da gegnt

The vital world is easy
A funny story for everyone
It's good for body and soul
And the soul most of all

"Vitalwelt" sounds so easy
Like "A funny story"
Moves body and mind
And the soul most of all
Hans Gessl

Weather Walks

Every first Monday of the month, Wetterhans offers a weather walk through the Botanica Park Bad Schallerbach. Here you can learn all about "flowering weather messengers", animals as weather sensors, barometer trees, ways to weather elasticity, climate change, weather forecasting 150 years ago, folk heritage farming rules, weather selfies and much more.