The Easter Bunny as weather messenger

The Easter bunny has been spotted in the Vitalwelt Bad Schallerbach holiday region for a few days now.

The weather man tracked him down and asked him about his feelings on the weather during the Easter holidays: "Well," he mumbled, "an age-old Easter bunny rule is: if the sun shines on the colourful nest, we'll have a nice Easter. According to my general feeling of well-being, the days around Easter will also be days of well-being for body, mind and soul for you people. And when April moves a few clouds around the sun, then it's time to check the weather, because you surely want to know how summer will be...." and away he went with his mobile egg-dyeing workshop. "Thank you, dear Easter Bunny," the weather man munched, and then he consulted his archive of customs to find out what the weather egg pecking was all about.

The weather egg pecking is an ancient oracle custom in which the colours of the eggs give indications of medium-term weather situations in the coming months. As in normal egg pecking, the egg that remains whole is the winner or weather egg.

The egg colours are assigned the following meanings:

YELLOW ...sunny, pleasantly warm

BLUE, cloudy, prone to rain

GREEN ...prosperous waxing and harvesting weather

RED ... hot spells, prone to thunderstorms


The Easter bunny, the weather man and the holiday region Vitalwelt Bad Schallerbach wish you a harmonious, healthy Easter...auf Wetterschaun!