Grieskirchen, Oberösterreich, Österreich
The district capital with flair! “Visitors meet a welcoming Grieskirchen” – that’s the motto of the district capital with 5,000 inhabitants that will be holding numerous events in 2013 to celebrate “400 years of being a town”. Located in the northern quarter of the Hausruck, Grieskirchen is not only the heart of the Upper Austrian region, but also a lovely place to live.

Although the economic size Grieskirchen is characterised by successful companies and businesses which have grown out of old traditions and now enjoy worldwide success, the town centre is undergoing a process of change. The district capital is being redesigned to reduce traffic and make it more guest friendly. The townscape is being shaped by an attractive mix of old streets, new squares and colourful houses. Various calming elements and more green areas in the town centre also create a family friendly, cosy and inviting atmosphere. There are also generous rest areas where you can linger or catch up with friends.

Shopping experience and culinary delights

Without a doubt, the local gastronomy is one of the best advertisements for Grieskirchen. The diverse offering ranges from cosy cafes and bistros to simple guesthouses, international restaurants and haute cuisine. After a delicious meal, you can now enjoy a wander round the shops. Grieskirchen is exactly the right place for anyone who loves to amble through the town and do a bit of shopping. The numerous shops not only cause the hearts of shopping enthusiasts to beat a little faster, but also guarantee that everyone will find something.

The “2010 centre” is an absolute eye-catcher. The architecturally impressive and award-winning building is home to the town library and floats in the air above the Uferstraße and up to the middle of the Trattnach.
A trip to the newly renovated Parz country house is also not to be missed, where you can enjoy a stroll in the Renaissance garden. Art lovers should visit the neighbouring Parz castle gallery where they can enjoy exhibitions from well-known artists all year round.


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4710 Grieskirchen

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