Liachtmessn in the Vitalwelt

Candlemas - this year on Wednesday 2 February - has been an emotional day since time immemorial. The Christmas festive circle closes with the careful clearing of the cots. Candle dedications take place in the churches, where protective and weather candles are also blessed, whose comforting glow is in demand again more than ever. And above all, there is more light during the day. Since the winter solstice, it has become one cock step longer by Christmas, one man step longer by New Year, one stag step longer by Epiphany and a whole hour longer by Candlemas, according to age-old household measurements.

A higher position of the sun also means more air pressure movements in the atmosphere, which is why the weather on Candlemas Day has been anxiously watched for centuries, because it provides information about how winter is coming to terms with the longed-for spring. Vitalwelt Managing Director Philipp Haas asked Wetterhans Gessl about this.....

Weather Walks

Every first Monday of the month, Wetterhans offers a weather walk through the Botanica Park Bad Schallerbach. Here you can learn all about "flowering weather messengers", animals as weather sensors, barometer trees, ways to weather elasticity, climate change, weather forecasting 150 years ago, folk heritage farming rules, weather selfies and much more.