Now the organic weather house is in bloom

Guys, this is what it looks like - the BIOWETTERHAUS!

The highly talented lungwort vulgo HÄNSL and GRETL is now flowering towards a spring-like time. Since time immemorial, farmer-smart nature observers have been looking at the 2 colours of the blossoms - ROSA stands for female/BLAU for male, just like in real life.

When the woman stands in front of the door in the well-known weather house, she announces good, pleasant weather. If the man looks out... er... the good weather is over. The lungwort reacts in a similar way: if it has more pink blossoms, we can expect consistent spring weather. If more blue flowers appear, we should be prepared for changeable weather.

Now you are the referees in the biological weather house and can interpret flowering weather forecasts yourself during peaceful spring walks in the Vitalwelt communities...auf Wetterschaun!

Weather Walks

Every first Monday of the month, Wetterhans offers a weather walk through the Botanica Park Bad Schallerbach. Here you can learn all about "flowering weather messengers", animals as weather sensors, barometer trees, ways to weather elasticity, climate change, weather forecasting 150 years ago, folk heritage farming rules, weather selfies and much more.